Consultancy: Building a global remuneration system for Terre des hommes Foundation

Background and justification

Terre des hommes is an impartial, neutral and impartial  buy linkedin likes Swiss organisation founded in 1960, dedicated to bringing approximately giant and lasting trade within the lives of kids and young humans, specially those most at danger. Tdh intervenes in 32 special countries round the sector, in complex humanitarian and improvement contexts and at once employs 2’122 workforce (1’965 in the delegations international and 157 in Switzerland) at the give up of 2021.

Tdh Human Resources Strategy for 2021-2024:

In its priority I “Building a global group of workers”, Terre des hommes considers its whole group of workers as a reservoir of expertise and ability. To benefit from this richness, international HR requirements have to be implemented in areas of excessive impact like sourcing, recruitment, getting to know and development, career control, mobility, diversity and inclusion and responsibility of care. The company’s splendor shall be optimized as to make Tdh a first-choice enterprise within the child-protection place.

The definition of Tdh’s Employer Value Proposition (EVP) is ongoing and a entire assessment of the corporation’s Compensation and Benefits device shall be performed in 2022 with the objective of rolling it out gradually at some stage in the period of the strategic plan and onward, relying on the resources to be had. The deliverables of the evaluate shall be:

Clarification of reward concepts including recognition of overall performance and seniority

Harmonization of the activity households, activity descriptions and roles in line with the different departments strategies as well as transversally

Proposition of a trendy/reference capabilities grid such as grading system for delegations and/or HQ

Definition and get right of entry to criteria of the status of the collaborators e.G. Cellular/resident and HQ/regional/local

Specifications and choice of a functional sharing platform allowing field HR actors to work autonomously inside the described frameworks

If relevant after evaluation, choice of a device available in the marketplace (external provider)

A realistic making plans of implementation in HQ and Delegations, considering priorities and price range constraints.

Situation as of January 1st, 2022:

Since 1960, Terre des hommes has grown to its modern-day operational extent without international HR method. All Tdh entities (including HQ) have advanced independently their HR tactics and structures, especially covering HR management. Until 2017, the HR branch’s perimeter blanketed only Swiss-regulation contracts in sports limited to recruitment, onboarding and administration.

The organisation went thru a monetary crisis in 2019 and the closing two years were bad in terms of funding. In 2022, as part of the brand new strategic plan, the “Global Compensation and Benefits” undertaking has been relaunched with the aim of offering the Delegations with trendy tools for classifying features and defining remuneration parameters.

As of today, there’s no concrete alignment for HQ and Delegations (in 32 international locations) in phrases of:

Reward concepts

Pay positioning/repayment policy

Competency framework (below construction in 2022)

Roles’ definition and job descriptions

Classification of features and activity grading machine

Process in case of evolution of roles

Recognition of know-how and/or seniority

Cost of residing indexation

Despite a few opportunistic alignments among Delegations on positive subjects, it is easy to expect that we are facing 33 one of a kind neighborhood HR environments, consisting of the HQ in Lausanne, Switzerland.

In a nutshell, Tdh is implementing three kinds of programs in the field: Health, Migration and Access to Justice. To do so, 3 principal activity families are mobilized in any respect stages of the enterprise, from the HQ to the field projects:

Expertise: in charge of applications design and worldwide programmatic coherence

Operational: in rate of applications implementation

Resources control: Finances, Logistics, IT, Human resources, Communication, Fundraising etc.

All sports follow pointers and first-class practices as advocated by means of the worried departments as well as departmental strategies and up to date theories of alternate, which results in remember that it can be viable to advise a preferred capabilities grid for the field entities. The HQ, due to its strategic management function, shall be provided a selected feature grid, however based totally on comparable guiding ideas.

In terms of salary positioning, there are as many distinct practices as there are delegations, substantially because of their diversity in terms of length, region or sorts of packages worried. The standard commentary is that our nearby repayment and benefits gives are very various and not attractive enough. The loss of clear frameworks also makes inner mobility difficult (from one us of a to every other, for example).

Finally, a mirrored image at the organizational structure of Terre des hommes is currently underway. This method targets to make clear the jobs, duties and interactions of the whole operational chain and assist activities. The branch of operations finished its component at the end of 2021 and the support departments will start the workout inside the first area of 2022. The new device will need to bear in mind those evolutions.

Objectives and deliverables

The consultancy has interdependent objectives:

Firstly, to assist Terre des hommes management crew in building the new Compensation & Benefits coverage for the complete business enterprise, in line with its new worldwide approach 2021-2024. The work has already began with the definition of our Employer Value Proposition at the beginning of 2022.

Secondly, to construct a international reference device of task classification and related mechanisms, for headquarters and for the field.

The representative will act as a Project Manager, assisting component time useful resource for the enterprise, developing an movement plan and enforcing it together with the reference folks in HQ and within the area.


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